On the adventures of The Car, Buddy, and Channahon

Car shipping to Chicago
Loading the Car for the trip to Chicago, er Channahon

Coppell, TX

Difficulties can arise when cars travel by truck.

I arranged to ship The Car from Coppell to Illinois via a broker.  The broker’s employee, Seth, is working on an exact drop-off point, but it will be somewhere near Midway Airport.  A few days later I get a call from Buddy with Bulldog Trucking, who identifies himself as the person here to pick up The Car.

I handed my keys to Buddy, who I have known for about five minutes, and he did an excellent job loading the car.  As he worked we talked for about 30 minutes.  We discussed trucking and the Open Road. And theology.

0n Trucking and the Open Road:

Truckers aren’t as nice as they used to be. Their deadlines are tighter because of ever-thinning margins, and they are under more pressure and have less time. Also, younger truckers are less outgoing and friendly. They are still a good group overall, but “trucking ain’t what it used to be.” (Not sure anything else is either.)

Bulldog Trucking Info
Bulldog Trucking logo. This photo was taken as Exhibit B just in case I never saw the Car again.


On theology:

Near-death experiences will focus you on what is important. Buddy has had several, and he is happy to talk about them. Extensively. Buddy is going to retire from trucking soon. He is going to open a church he is building in North Carolina. His father is a pastor and Buddy is taking some classes also. “People always need a church,” says Buddy.

America is made up of lots of Buddys. They are good-hearted, competent, they come in all sexes and colors, and they are as interesting as all get-out. (“As all get-out” is a polite, West Texas way to say “as hell” or “like hell.”)

Marian and I wished Buddy and the Car good travels and they were off.

A few days later I get a phone call from someone who identifies himself as a relief driver for Bulldog Trucking.  He says he is approaching Chicago and “Where was it you wanted the car dropped off?” I told him to contact the shipping broker, as I knew they had taken care of all the details.

The next day the broker emails me that the Car has been delivered to its destination. However when I checked the drop-off address, it appears to be in the city of Channahon, Illinois. That’s about 50 miles southwest from Midway Airport.

Channahon map

I emailed and phoned the broker.  Seth is very conscientious and nice.  But Seth is in California. And as the Car has been dropped off Seth doesn’t have a lot of flexibility about fixing my problem. However, he finally got his superiors to agree to a price reduction in shipping the car back from Las Vegas to Coppell.

The price reduction is a moral victory for me. My position is vindicated; I am right and the broker was wrong! But it’s also a tactical loss, as the reduction isn’t nearly enough to pay to get me, Marian, and the luggage from Midway Airport to Channahon.

I’ve had lawsuits turn out that way.

Meanwhile, back to the Channahon matter. I’ve been working on the phone with Jess, who now has possession of the Car. He’s trying like all-get out to find a cost-effective way to bring the Car and us together tomorrow afternoon. We will see how that works out.

Travel is an adventure. Apparently so is planning for travel.

The house-sitter is lined up. The police department has our house on their watch list. We leave for Love Field Airport in the morning.

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