Finally On the Road (Well, In the Air) Ready to Fly

Coppell TX and Chicago, IL

Light drizzle this AM. The heavy rains in the area (we got about 8 inches in the last 36 hours) didn’t slow us down. Dropped off at Love Field, bags checked, ready to go. See exhibit A, photo of your intrepid travelers.

And then.

Flyers Not Quite Ready to Travel

We are stopped dead in our tracks by a departure sign. Our 12:20 flight to Chicago Midway is now scheduled for 3:00 PM departure. Nothing to do but hang out and wait. Marian allows that she is fine with that, as we don’t have to be back until November 16. (She is taking the long-term perspective.)

We repair to a friendly table at Cool River (restaurant) in the Love Field terminal. We order enough to justify holding the table. Marian’s on the phone and I’m working the internet talking with Jeff, who has the Car in Chicago (well, Channahon). (See last post.) We cut a deal for him to bring the car to Chicago and drop it at the hotel. I pay him through PayPal.  Been a long time since I used PayPal, but it has an amazingly easy interface. PayPal may take over the world.

Then SWA texts that our 3:00 flight has now been moved up to 1:45. We step lightly to the gate, but are happy to do so because there REALLY is a plane there and it’s ready to take us to Chicago.

Quiet trip to Midway Airport. Walking through the terminal, vendors have a lot of Cubs shirts for sale. Pretty cheap. Happy for the Mets. Sorry for the Cubs. Then a quiet shuttle to the hotel.

And sitting out front of the hotel is the CAR.

1.1445687325.a-beautiful-reunion-with-the-carLooks great, not a scratch. Jeff is a hero! We haven’t met. May never. But Jeff is a FRIEND.

1.1445687325.dinnerDinnner is Giordano’s, a small, neighborhood pizza place packed with local families. Marvelous pizza. Very reasonable price.

Now back to the room and planning for tomorrow.

First plan, no alarm clock.

Second plan, head downtown to the beginning of Route 66, with breakfast somewhere in that area.

Third plan … we’re working on it.

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