Friday Oct. 30 Update – Time Out In Tulsa


Tulsa, OK
Short day, short post.


This morning we awakened to a beautiful orange sky, which was quickly replaced with rain. And more rain.

At some point on a three-week plus trip you have to take a break. Looking out the window and looking at the weather radar and forecasts for Oklahoma, we decided today was a good day.

Great breakfast at the motel, supplemented by a little steak left over from last night’s dinner. Took care of laundry, some organizing. We drove around a bit and had a great lunch at Talley’s Café, an old hangout on Route 66 and now a hangout for students at the University of Tulsa.

We plan to take it easy tonight (perhaps with a little World Series watching), and then get back on the Road in the morning.

The Trip So Far

Route 66 is 2,364 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica. So far we’ve traveled 749 miles. (That doesn’t count side trips, previously described impromptu agricultural inspections, etc.) So we’re about 1/3 of the way there in less than 1/3 of the time allotted. And we haven’t had to rush, skip things we wanted to see, or cut short opportunities to talk with people along the way.

In summary, we are pleased with our progress so far. We think we will have the time to travel Route 66 at the pace we want and still have extra time to spend see some family and friends in Arizona and take a side trip to the Grand Canyon.

And, lastly:

A Few Travel Tips

We took three out-of-the-ordinary items that have made life in the hotels more comfortable:

(1) A power strip. Plug it into one of the (usually too few) outlets in the room and charge up anything you want.

(2) A night light. Keeps you from bumping into the furniture in the middle of the night.


(3) Pilllows. Nothing helps you sleep like having your own pillows. We put ours in striped (non-white) cases so they don’t get confused with the hotel’s pillows and threw them into the Car before we had it shipped. The first job each morning is to pack the pillows into a laundry bag we brought for that purpose and set them beside the luggage. Makes all the difference in the world!

Sleep well. Stay dry. See you tomorrow.

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