Zurich, Lucerne, and More Lucerne (Monday August 28)

Short and sweet.

We dropped out of the clouds and landed on the green earth that is summertime Zurich.  Cleared customs and met our Viking Tour agent, who herded us and some others into a beautiful bus, which was expertly driven to Lucerne by Marcus. (Check out the facial hair in the photo below.)

Marcus has been at the beard-growing business longer than I have.

We were joined by a group from Long Island.  They are regular Viking Cruise customers and all know each other.  We got along great it’s going to be a fun trip.

Arrived at Lucerne, checked in the hotel, walked around.  The coolest sight was Chapel Bridge (above), a covered pedestrian bridge built in the 14th Century and restored in 1993 after a fire.  It crosses the Reuss River, separating it from Lake Lucerne.  Thirty of its fine 17th-century interior paintings have been restored.

Then back to the hotel for a nap, to recover from last night’s movies.   Lots of photos walking around; more tomorrow, as we spend all day exploring Lucerne.  Here are a few photos from today; click on each to read description.

Dinner out tonight with the Lovely Marian, and some sleep.  Tomorrow we will spend the day all around Lucerne, and try to find a cigar store.

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